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Bill Wolfe

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Advanced Battle Kit DVDs

“For the serious student of close combat."

First released over a decade ago, these 8 astounding training DVDs cover advanced skills. You will learn:

Advanced Ground- Building on the basics so you can deal with any eventuality on the ground. Still using the K.I.S.S. Principle and still not making it sports complex.

BattleSchool - 'The best 48 hours of hell..." as BlackBelt Magazine described this Bill Wolfe 2-day event. Watch participants go through one of the most grueling challenges and realistic training events possible outside of the military!

Close Quarter Control - Grappling skills for the street; devastating joint locks and principles of close control outlawed in sport-martial arts, but born again hard in this DVD.

Combat Cane - One of the most unusual and effective weapons to found on the street today. Learn how to use it with incredible results mastering it's simple striking and physical compliance tactical applications.

Combat Clinch - One of the most important skills needed in a real fight yet really taught properly. learn the secrets that will give you the advantage taking the fight out of the enemy with devastating effectiveness.

Razor Sharp (knife) - Breaking the myths about how knives are used on the street finally a nonsense approach to knife defenses based on fact not fiction.

Shotgun Disarm- The how-to of Long gun disarms here is your chance to learn simple yet proven military and police based disarms for any shot gun or rifle.

Throws and Chokes - Here are some advanced applications you want to master; how to subdue the most violent individual by choking them out simple police street proven methods and how to throw an attacker to the ground with devastating ease.

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