"The most complete series of self defense training tapes ever made" - Black Belt Magazine

Wolfe presents a complete and exciting view of modern self defense; stand up, ground, rear, weapons and much more. You won't win any trophy's but it just might save your life.

Learn from Bill Wolfe himself in your own time and at your own pace. Bill Wolfe the founder of Wolfes Combatives - the instructor the US Army Special Forces states is, "one of the most intimidating and knowledgeable instructors we have ever worked with..."

I - Solid basic stand up fighting skills along with close range grappling the clinch, joint locks and takedowns.

II - Non sport based basic ground work using skills defensively and offensively. It shows control methods and escapes and talks about the importance of getting back up on your feet in a street fight.

III - How to deal with rear ambush attacks using jams and counters. Several simple tricks are taught which greatly up the survivability aspects for you on the street.

IV - Advanced combatives skills building on the skill sets learned in the first 3 DVDs. Demonstrations of attack drills and close range grappling are included like mastering the clinch, countering to shooting in and more

V - A very realistic look at the knife culture and fighting mentality and the skills you will need t develop from the first 4 DVDs to survive these attacks. Includes tactics for the robbery/ hostage scenario, the cut and dash plus stopping the attacker who is repeatedly stabbing /slashing at you street attack

VI - The training and use of Impact weapons is taught along with how to defend against the weapon both armed and unarmed scenarios are explored building on the skill sets of the previous B.R.I.C.K.S.

VII - Takes a look at handgun disarms from the stand point of having done them for real. It clearly show there is n magic and what skills you will need to develop; physically, mentally and tactically

VIII - Building on the concepts from B-VII we further disarms front, rear and side positions.

IX - The mind/body is discussed with the intent of making you a hard target for violence. When this tape was first released it set the standard for such training in the reality-based industry more than 15 years ago.

X - Battleschool as Black Belt Magazine said, “Battleschool is the best 48 hours of hell…” it shows you how far you can push yourself mentally, physically and spiritually if you really have to. Battleschool was designed by our Founder to bring our students together once a year and test their mind/body connection, “I will survive, I will never give up!” indomitable fighting spirit.

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